BK Plastics specializes in the design, engineering and manufacture of vacuum formed plastic parts and assemblies.

BK Plastics has invested substantially in a wide range of manufacturing equipment, including several of the largest thermoforming and CNC trimming machines in the Tampa Bay area. BK Plastics is capable of molding high quality parts of up to 54" x 108" in size, as well as large quantities of smaller components to a high, repeatable standard. BK Plastics provides a comprehensive, and tailor made manufacturing service from design and prototyping, to tool making and production.

Vacuum Forming

By the very nature of thermoplastics, the possibilities available in transforming a basic, flat panel into a multi-dimensional item are almost endless. The application of heat allows the sheet to be converted into complex shapes and components. Our state of the art thermoforming machinery can handle a wide range of products, from shallow vacuum formed parts to deep drawn parts (over 28” depth) and from thin gauge (.028” thick up to .500” thick). Our forming machines will accommodate sheets up to 54” X 108”. All of our molding machines are capable of producing pressure formed parts with the most intricate detail.


The fabrication and assembly of plastic components requires a diverse range of skills. Understanding the almost infinite range of qualities available in modern plastics and the different techniques necessary to process them is part of our skill set. Material specification, adhesives (both solvent and structural) joining techniques and general advice is invaluable to our customers. Encompassing Machining, Routing, Welding, Forming, Grinding, Bonding, Die Cutting, Painting, and Riveting.

CNC Trimming

With seven CNC machining centers, up to 50” X 101”, we assure fast, accurate trimming. All trim fixtures are given the same design and engineering as our molds and are all made in house, so the part you order in the future is exactly like the one you specify today.


Having manufactured the finished component, many of our customers use our assembly services to reduce delivery times and costs. This could be assembly of the components that we have produced, through to fitting of printed circuit boards, cabling and testing the final assembly prior to dispatch.


BK Plastics offers value added services which makes it possible to deliver products in the most complete condition. Some of these services include